RV Rental

RV Rental: The World’s your Playground

Campervan Hire New ZealandAs anybody who has ever bought one will tell you, owning an RV is a big responsibility as well as being a whole lot of fun. On the one hand there is the capital outlay, the depreciation, home parking issues and winter maintenance schedules but on the other there is the benefit of free and independent travel with no hotel check-ins, no noisy neighbours and no need to stay in one spot for days or weeks at a time.

RV rental is perfect for both those who are thinking about buying an RV in the future and those who don’t want the responsibilities of RV ownership but love the idea of an RV holiday.

Here are some of the main benefits of RV rental:

  • Try before you buy: What better way to test out the RV lifestyle than to hire a vehicle for a short trip?
  • RV rental allows you to choose a campervan for your circumstances. One year you might want to hire a compact RV in order to take your partner off for a romantic week away; the next, you might need a 30 foot monster to provide sleeping room for the extended family. With RV rental you can select the vehicle that is right for you at that time.
  • Unlike other campervan rental sites, we don’t charge booking fees and we guarantee to match any other genuine RV rental price.

Why Opt for RV Rental?

RV HireOnce you’ve made the sensible choice to rent an RV, there is the fun part of choosing exactly where to take your family, your partner or – if you just want to get away from it all – yourself! There are no end to the possibilities, but here are some suggestions:

Tour the UK – From the lochs and highlands of Scotland and the soaring mountains of Wales to the vibrant cities, rolling countryside and breathtaking coasts of England, RV rental gives you the chance to take in more of the UK than you ever thought possible – or the chance to seek an off-the-beaten track hideaway and base yourself there.

Connect with Europe – Whether it’s the fjords and mountains of Norway, the canals and flat lands of the Netherlands, the vineyards and patisseries of France or the sun and surf of southern Spain, RV rental can keep you in touch with the best Europe has to offer.

Discover America and Canada – Few places offer as much diversity and opportunity for adventure as North America. From the Sunshine State of Florida to the Golden State of California; the lakes of Michigan to the deserts of Arizona there is something for everyone in the USA. You can even hire an RV to tailgate the football, festival or NASCAR seasons. Canada is another country made for RV touring whether you want to strap on a backpack to explore its rugged wilderness or throw in a rod or two for some fishing in some of the world’s most stunning waters.

RV Rental for RV Owners

If you already own an RV in good condition then you are in the perfect position to make additional income to fund your next adventure. Rather than letting it sit at home, getting in everybody’s way and looking untidy, consider renting your RV out to other campers. RVs are designed to be on the road and require careful maintenance to ensure they stay roadworthy and don’t get affected by rust, mould and appliance breakdown. The best way to ensure your RV is in tip-top condition is to keep it running all year round, saving you a headache, earning you an additional income and opening up the joys of RV rental to other families, couples and individuals.

Whether you’re planning your next holiday trip or interested in turning your vehicle into a money spinner, please keep in touch by visiting our contact page and filling in the simple online forms.