RV Rental Prices

How do RV Rental Prices Compare to a Standard Holiday?

RV RentalThere is no one definitive answer that would apply to all circumstances but providing you plan ahead and think economically it is likely that RV rental prices will come in at less than a standard package holiday – and even below that of a cheap tailor-made trip.

Of course, if you choose the busiest season and the biggest campervan, hire all of your kitchen equipment and linen and spend a week with your foot to the metal while staying at the most luxurious RV parks then your overall holiday costs will be high. However, RV rental prices themselves can be extremely affordable, giving you more spare cash to invest on other aspects of your trip (or to stash away in your wallet for a future holiday).

Some of the items you definitely won’t be needing to shell out on when taking an RV holiday include:

  • Hotel rooms (which can become expensive when it comes to large families or inefficient if you’re travelling alone)
  • Airport/station to hotel transfers
  • Airline/train tickets (and luggage costs)
  • Eating out
  • Taxis
  • Car hire (including booking fees, security deposits, taxes, etc.)

RV Rental Prices v RV Ownership

campervan hire franceAt this point you may be thinking: a campervan holiday seems so convenient and affordable I should buy one instead. Be warned; although RV ownership does have its benefits, it is a big commitment suitable only for die-hard campers. Good RVs are very expensive to buy and unlike a house purchase, where you end up with an asset, the forces of depreciation will erode the value of your RV very quickly.

Buying an RV does make it available all year round but that also means maintaining it all year round too which can be a real headache, particularly in the winter months when you’ll be facing an ongoing battle against the elements. RV ownership also takes away the element of flexibility when it comes to size. If you own a 7-berth RV but have the opportunity for a quick, romantic getaway or a weekend fishing trip you can’t downsize and save yourself fuel and those other costs that increase with vehicle size.

If you are bitten by the RV ownership bug, consider renting it out to other campers when you’re not using it. This is something that can be arranged through www.campervanhire.com

RV Rental Prices Through Campervanhire.Com

RV rental prices obviously vary depending on the RV rental firm you use. However, campervanhire.com have taken that variability out of the equation with our price match guarantee. In addition, we don’t bump up our profits with hidden booking fees and even amendments are usually free of charge. Throughout the year we also offer special deals and promotions, including free months rental. To keep up to date on these, please visit either our home page or contact page and fill out the simple subscription form.

Beyond RV Rental Prices

Although cost is of course a major factor in any trip, there is far more going for RV rental than simply saving pennies. Seasoned campers point out that you get a higher quality holiday all round. Some of the many benefits enjoyed by RV renters include:

  • No more waiting in airport queues.
  • No last minute cancellations or delays.
  • Safety and security (providing you choose a reputable RV rental company who provide proof of servicing).
  • Quality family bonding time.
  • No wasted time in check-ins or check-outs.
  • Squeezing the maximum activity out of limited time off.
  • No restrictive itineraries.
  • Your own home comforts.
  • A guaranteed bed every night.
  • The relief of handing back the keys afterwards!

If you are interested in giving campervan hire a go, please enter your details in our subscription form.