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Why UK Campervan Hire Holidays are Great!

The UK is full of history, beautiful sights, and plenty to do and see. One of the best ways of experiencing it is to go on a travel holiday. There are many ways of doing this, but one of the best is to get yourself a campervan, load up, and away you go. Like all holidays, there are of course costs involved, and buying a campervan (especially one that’s not too old) is an extremely costly business.

You may not be able to afford such an outlay, or you may have never stayed in a campervan before and would rather try it before considering purchasing. So, the best thing for you to do is to use a UK campervan hire service. This way you can try it, and see if you like it.

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UK Campervan Hire Holidays

Camping is a very exciting way to holiday. It puts you closer to nature, and allows you to enjoy the outside world a great deal more. Staying at hotels is all very well, but it can prevent you from having great experiences. For example, in a campervan, you will likely be staying at a campsite. This will put you in close proximity to other people. By day you can go out and sight see, but in the evening, there’s nothing quite like the camaraderie of sharing time with like minded people, eating barbecues, drinking wine, and making new friends. That’s what holidays are all about, the experience.

Furthermore, with a campervan, once you’re ready to sleep, you can go into your fully air conditioned unit and close the door, and be just that little bit detached from nature. Remember those tent holidays where you roughed it on uncomfortable mattresses, and shared your sleeping bag with bugs and the like? Not so with campervans, it’s almost like being in your own bed.

Oban Camper Van at SunsetThe other beauty of going on a campervan holiday is that you never have to unpack. Before you leave, you put all your clothes in the wardrobes and drawers, pack your food in the fridge, and other things you want. Run the generator as you drive so you fully air condition the entire unit, your fridge has power to keep your food cold, and everything is at arms reach. You don’t even need to pull over if anyone needs the toilet!

Touring from place to place is a breeze. Had enough of one site? Simply upsticks and move on. Remember no need to pack and unpack. It’s so easy, and renting is by the far the most cost effective way of doing it. Buying requires enormous capital outlay, high ongoing maintenance costs, and of course insurance and taxes too. That’s before you even put fuel in it.

Hiring a campervan is more flexible because you choose the vehicle that matches your needs. On one holiday, you may only need a two berth unit, the next you want to take friends, so choose a larger unit and split the cost. All you pay for is the amount of time you need the unit for, and there’s no need to worry about anything else.