Campervan Hire Scotland

Marching Band Oban Scotland the Brave. If you want to visit Scotland for any length of time, by far the best way to do it is using a campervan hire Scotland. Renting a camper van, filling it with fuel, and heading off to the Highlands gives you a sense of freedom that is not got by holidaying in hotels. Hiring campervans is very cost effective, it gives you a place to rest whenever you want, your clothes are already unpacked, and you can stop and eat whenever you want.

Campervan Hire Scotland

There is so much to do and see in Scotland, and campervans give you the opportunity to see it much closer up. You have the option of using campsites where you can stretch out and relax, some people spend overnights in supermarket car parks as simple rest stops, or even picturesque beauty spots. The beauty of the self contained campervan means you can simply pull over and relax, and everything is ready for you.

A suggested itinerary could be to start off in Edinburgh. This historic and beautiful city has much to see. You can start off by looking out for the famous castle, touring around that, and then along Royal Mile down to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Make sure you check out haggis in one of the many restaurants the city has on offer.

Campervan Holiday Scotland Campervan Hire Scotland

Once you have finished exploring Edinburgh, it’s time to set your sights on Glasgow, the country’s largest city. It’s probably a few hours drive, so you can take your time driving through the many towns and villages, exploring many on the way, and even stop at a campsite over night near the city.

Glasgow has a great deal to do and explore. Take a tour around two of the famous football clubs, Glasgow Rangers or Celtic. Check out some of the famous museums there, and The Tall Ship at the harbour is also a great see.

For the next few days, move northwards towards the Highlands and the lochs. The scenery is stunning, and the people so friendly. Moving toward Loch Lomond, which features some beautiful sights, and then on to Fort William, the gateway to those famous Highlands.

Oban Camper Van at SunsetHere, you can drive amongst the mountains, towards the famous peak of Ben Nevis. I should have mentioned that a diesel campervan would be your most ideal vehicle for the terrain of Scotland. Spend a couple of nights relaxing and resting in one of the campsites of the Highlands, exploring the region, meeting the people and experiencing the lifestyle.

The final part of the trip could move you towards the famous Loch Ness, which features an informative museum, and the nearby Urquhart Castle. Your trip could conclude at Inverness, where you can spend a day or so before returning down to Edinburgh to drop off your motorhome.

The advantages with campervan hire Scotland are there to see; freedom of movement, your clothes unpacked, stop and eat when and where you like, and the flexibility it offers. It puts you so close to the country, its culture and its scenery.