Campervan Hire Scotland

VW CampervanCampervan Hire Scotland

Scotland attracts many visitors, drawn in by its ancient and colourful history, its unique customs and traditions and, perhaps most of all, its romantic and remote beauty. Whether you’re planning to explore the enchanting capital city of Edinburgh, visit the breathtaking views over Loch Lomond or answer the call of the wild and take on the Isle of Skye, by choosing campervan hire, Scotland will undoubtedly offer a whole new dimension to the seasoned and novice traveller alike.

Free to roam
For a start, with campervan hire, Scotland becomes much more accessible than if you were to limit yourself to staying in B&Bs or hostels, which may be few and far between, and of dubious quality, in some regions. Besides, since 2005 the Statutory Access Rights in Scotland were amended, opening up even more of the land to hikers. What better way to take advantage of this than to take out campervan hire. Scotland is one of the most camper-friendly countries in Europe so if you are looking to explore off the beaten track, you will benefit from the flexible travel and accommodation that a campervan holiday brings.

Protection from the elements
It is true to say that you could enjoy flexibility by packing a tent and travelling by car rather than paying for campervan hire. Scotland, however, is a wild country and the weather can be harsh, especially in the winter. Even in the summer, temperatures can quickly plummet, particularly in the Highlands, and a poorly insulated tent can become extremely uncomfortable in a short space of time. When a cold snap does arrive, you will be thankful for those few extra inches from the ground. A campervan can also provide a little better protection from Scotland’s infamous biting midges and clegs (horseflies).

Marching Band Oban Check out when you’re ready
Unless you’re camping in an official site, it’s up to you when you decide to arrive and leave, and even campsites tend to have more relaxed check-out times and procedures than a hotel or bed and breakfast. Then, it just takes a few little adjustments and the turn of a key and you’re back on the road again.

Balance space with security
Tents can feel crowded and it can be difficult and expensive to find accommodation that will house large families together in one room or building. If this is one of your concerns, campervan hire is well worth your consideration. Providing you hire the right size van for your clan, you will find enough space to make everybody happy while ensuring the whole family is kept safe under one roof

Scotland VW Camper Van HolidayFlexibility and excellent facilities
There are numerous types of campervan, from spacious AC class vehicles complete with slide-out extensions to modest but space-efficient Overcab designs. Many campervans have facilities that compare, and sometimes exceed, those to be found in the average hotel room. For example, most campervans come equipped with toilets and showers, so you can wave goodbye to cold nightly trips to the onsite WC.  For those who like to stay in touch with modern technology, many campervans are now built with entertainment in mind, often including satellite TV, Blu-Ray DVD players and the like.

So next time you’re thinking about taking a holiday in rugged Scotland, you don’t have to limit yourself to a hostel in the Highland Glens or a hotel in the city centre; with campervan hire, Scotland can show you all she has to offer.

Campervan Hire Scotland