Campervan Hire Ireland

campervan-hire-irelandIreland is an incredibly beautiful country to visit. The people are friendly, the beer is bountiful, and the countryside is remarkable. There are many places to visit, many things to see and do. One of the best ways to experience this country is to camp. Before you shudder in horror, I’m not talking about pitching a tent, and laying on an uncomfortable bed, sharing with bugs and insects. I’m talking about a campervan, where you don’t need to set anything up, no need to pack or unpack, and can simply pull over anywhere and rest where you want.

Campervans do cost a lot to buy, maintain and run, but if you look for a campervan hire Ireland service, then all those costs will be gone. This article will look at several reasons why renting a motorhome in Ireland is a good idea.

Reason 1
You are in control. Yes, you can drive around where you want, never in any rush or time schedule. You can visit the areas you want to see, and find a nice spot to park up and enjoy it. If it’s getting late by the time you leave, you can find a camping park nearby and set up camp overnight or for a day or so. Or, you may wish to simply set down and park up for the night somewhere public before continuing your journey the next day. Ireland’s large spaces of beauty offer ample solutions.

Reason 2
Cost. The only expenses you will have other than the cost of hiring or petrol and campsite fees. Camping fees are normally very well priced, while if you choose a diesel motorhome, you’ll find you get pretty good mpgs. You can cook for yourself in the unit if you wish, or find a nice Irish pub somewhere to eat. Both ways are cost effective.

Reason 3
It puts you so much closer to nature and the Irish way. If you stay at a hotel, you lose a great deal of the Irish experience. If you rent a campervan, then you are free to go off the beaten track more, stumble upon exquisite old villages, and experience the true Irish way of life.

Reason 4
Community spirit. One of the major benefits of camping is when you arrive at a campsite, you are with like minded people. Spend evenings getting to know people, swapping stories of your camping adventure and recommend and receive recommendations of future places to visit and check out.

Reason 5
Choice of camper. Based on your needs for this holiday, you can choose the camper that will suit. If you are a small family, then a smaller unit will suffice. However, if your party is large, then you choose a bigger unit. The point is, the next holiday you go on, you again will choose the size of unit based on your needs. Many people have bought their units, and are thus stuck with that size. By renting, you give yourself great flexibility and this saves you money.

As you can see, campervan hire Ireland is a great way to see the country. You get to see the country for what it is at a low price, and with great independence and freedom.