Campervan Hire in Australia

Campervan Hire AustraliaCampervan Hire Australia

If there’s one place on Earth that is best experienced with campervan hire, Australia is the one. From the quiet seaside villages and fine wineries dotted along the coast from Sydney to Melbourne to the arid red wilderness of ‘the outback’, with campervan hire, Australia can reveal her many faces.

Travel at your own pace
Without campervan hire, Australia can throw up many frustrations to the traveller looking to make the most of their stay. Not only is it more expensive and time-consuming to book and catch flights and public transport, you will often find that tour buses don’t travel to the areas you want to see or you are forced to move on to the next point on the itinerary before you are ready to leave

Campervan Hire in Australia

With campervan hire, Australia is yours to discover at leisure, free of any worry about losing your guide or missing a connection

A family experience
If you have the opportunity to take the entire family to the island continent, hiring a campervan can only heighten their experience. A campervan provides a comfortable and functional solution to both your transport and accommodation needs and most come equipped with a shower, toilet and cooking facilities. Instead of lying awake in a sleeping bag, worrying about Australia’s famous insect life, you can enjoy a sound night’s sleep in a soft bed with the reassurance of a few inches between you and the ground.

By taking out campervan hire, Australia can also be the ideal testing ground for those looking to invest in their own vehicle. By hiring before you buy, the whole family can trial both their chosen vehicle and the camping lifestyle itself.

What type of campervan should I hire in Australia?
Unless you are planning to stick to the modern roads, it is almost certainly a good idea to book a 4 wheel-drive campervan (with air conditioning!). Built for off-road driving, a 4 wheel-drive campervan will open up access to some of the more remote bush and outback roads. You might find it difficult to find a vehicle that accommodates more than three people though.

Some of Australia’s more treacherous roads are out of bounds even to 4 wheel-drive users. Check your documentation carefully to find out where and when your campervan is not permitted to go (e.g. the Lost City in Litchfield Park or Cape York in the wet season, etc.)

Campervan Hire in Australia – Precautions

Travelling the vast open landscape of the outback can be exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous and unpredictable. Flash floods can occur after heavy rainfall and it is easy to find yourself stranded, far from help and with no single for your mobile. Take plenty of food and water (ten litres per person) and if you do get into trouble, make sure you stay with your vehicle. Also ensure that other people know your itinerary so they can contact emergency services in the unlikely event that you go missing.

From the lush rainforests of Queensland to the waterfalls and wineries of New South Wales, the kangaroos of Karijini National Park to the migrating humpbacks on the west coast, there is an incredible amount to see and do at any time of the year. By making the choice to book campervan hire in Australia will leave you with lasting memories for many years to come.