Campervan Hire France

campervan hire franceArguably one of the most visited countries in the world. A landscape so varied, a history so rich, and a culture so in depth. France has a very big camper culture, it has thousands of campsites across the nation. One of the best ways to see the country is indeed by campervan. Just imagine it, on your arrival, going to a campervan hire France service centre, picking up your mobile van that will be your home for the next few weeks, and then getting onto the French roads, and touring the nation. There can be no better way to explore it.

Start your tour at the north of the country. Pay your respects to the heroes of the world wars at one of the many war cemeteries. Then drive down to the old city of Rouen, take in the culture and history there. Move along the west coast, the ancient town of Bayeaux, home of the famous tapestry depicting the battle of 1066. Then head south and into the beautiful Loire Valley, home of the finest wines of France, and visit some of the many chateaux that the old royal family used to live in. And then…
The list goes on. There is so much to do and explore in this country, and the beauty is you can do it all from the comfort of your rented campervan. There’s no need to rush looking at things and worrying about having to find somewhere to stay that night. In the worst case, you can just park in a supermarket car park and rest for the night before moving on the next day. Saves money as well.

But the French have some of the best camp grounds in Europe. The culture is really geared up for camping. Facilities are full and exciting. Make new friends, enjoy relaxing afternoons in the hot French sun, experience new fine wines, and sample delicious foods. You’ll never be starved of anything to do or sample.
The sites are very well priced, meaning your holiday money can be spent on fun things. Renting campervans is a very cost effective way to holiday. You don’t have to worry about any maintenance issues, all you need to do is fill it with fuel and you’re on your way. If you can, try and get a diesel unit, the price of diesel is cheaper there, not to mention more efficient and run better than petrol campers.

The other great thing about France is the road network. Want to get to a region fast and directly, then use the auto route. It does incur a toll, but it saves hours off your trip. Then when you get close to your destination, head off onto the N and D roads and you really get to see the country.

Camper van hire France service offers you a better price holiday, which enables you to fully experience the culture of the French close up. In your campervan you will see the country, you will love the camp grounds, and you will love what France has to offer. Renting your campervan gives you so much more flexibility.