Campervan Hire Finland

Finland may not be the first country you think of for holidaying, but think again. It is a truly unique place with a great deal of natural beauty, with a friendly class of citizen, and a way of life you probably have not encountered before. One of the best ways of exploring it though is by use of a campervan. With a campervan hire Finland service, you have total freedom to go wherever you like to see much of this wonderful country. By renting, you save a great deal of expense, and you have so much peace of mind because all you need to do is fill it with fuel and away you go.

Campervan hire is also a fantastic way to experience camping if you have never done it before. You will be able to see if you are able to like the fact everything is close by to you, of you’re traveling and want a cup of coffee, all you need to do is make one while be driven. Other benefits to campervan holidaying include the fact you never have to worry about looking for a hotel to stay in. This is very useful especially if you have been traveling long. All you need to do is find a quiet spot to pull over, and set up camp for the night.

You have a great deal of choice in Finland. If you want to plan your trip ahead, there’s many resources to look through to find some great campsites. There are many top quality ones around the nation’s capital, Helsinki. Being in close proximity to the city offers a perfect platform to see the country. Spend a day in the city, and the following day at the campsite enjoying the swimming pools, saunas and many other attractions. The next day, you can investigate the country more, feeling refreshed and ready to go.

You should also look out for a Camping Key Europe card (CKE). A small annual subscription gives you many discounts and incentives not only in Finland where you can buy one, but throughout the rest of Europe. It also includes a liability insurance coverage for the entire family. Well worth looking into.

Many of the campsites are fun and provide great family enjoyment. Take for example, Tykkimaki campsite. It offers great facilities while being right next to the hugely popular Tykkimaki amusement park. The park itself consist of over 30 rides that the entire family can enjoy. All you need to do is to turn up in your rented campervan, and set up camp and enjoy for a couple of days.

Finland also offers great water sports locations, as well as regions of natural beauty where you can simply drive up to, park and enjoy. Once finished, come back to your campervan and relax.

In all, campervan hire Finland is the perfect way to see the country. It offers so much flexibility, you don’t need to keep packing and unpacking, and you can change your plans at any time, to make the holiday more adventurous. Campervan hire is so affordable, and a great experience.