Campervan Hire Canada

Ever wanted to take a tour through part of Canada?

van-on-whiteExperience the peace and magnificent countryside. Well, the best way to do it is at your own leisure in a campervan. This way, you are in control of what you want to see. You can stay for as little or as long in each spot, and then move about as you wish. If you have never done this before, then you might want to consider campervan hire Canada because it will allow you to get a good feeling as to whether you will like camping or not. If you do, then you can assess afterwards if you want to buy a campervan or not.
There are plenty more reasons why hiring a campervan is better than buying one. This article will explore some of these reasons and try to persuade you to rent rather than buy.

Reason 1 – Capital Outlay
Have you seen how much these units cost? You’ll want a relatively new one so that you can be reasonably confident that it will be reliable if you do buy. So you’ll need to outlay tens of thousands of dollars just to get one. Your most likely route for this is to get a loan. RV loans are quite reasonable and give you many years in which to pay the loan off, but do you really want to be paying a few hundred a month for 20 years? Particularly as once you have finally finished paying it off, it’ll be worth a fraction of what you paid for it.

Reason 2 – Legal Fees
You’ll need insurance for a start. Then you will have annual registration fees, not to mention the taxes payable when you buy it in the first place. These fees are the minimum and must be paid whether you use the unit or not. Can get quite expensive.

Reason 3 – Maintenance Costs
Not only are you having to maintain another engine, getting services, oil changes etc, but you also have another house in effect. You also have a generator to maintain, hot water heater, air conditioners, slideout mechanisms and much more. Many of these units get leaks in their roofs which if go unnoticed, can cause a great deal of damage. RV repairs can get very pricey.
In contrast, renting is a much more cost effective way to go. It will also give you a great deal of peace of mind. The only fees you will have to pay are the rental fee and perhaps insurance if that isn’t included in the rent. After that, you choose the unit you want for your needs. If you need to tow something, see if you can rent a campervan with a diesel engine. If not, then a regular petrol fueled unit will suffice.

Campervan hire Canada will also enable you to enjoy your holiday with little fear of breakdown costs. The unit will be well maintained and if in the unlikely event you do have issues, your rental company will give you another one to get you on your way. No need to spend your holiday camped at a repair shop waiting for a part to come in!