Campervan Hire Belgium

VW CampervanGetting away from the norm is good for the soul. Trips abroad to experience different cultures and ways of doing things opens up a lot of the world to you. Even short trips, such as a long weekend away. One great place for a long weekend break is Belgium. It’s a small country, but has a lot to offer over a 5 day period. One of the best ways to experience it is to drive through it. As it’s small, you can certainly see most of the country’s top attractions in that time. To give yourself even more time, consider campervan hire Belgium as this way you will have your home with you all time, and you won’t be restricted to seeking hotels.

Campervans are normally self contained. It’s best to choose one with an onboard generator if you can. This will supply the entire unit with electricity, powering air conditioning, 240v sockets, and so on. You’ll be totally self contained. Furthermore, it gives you total freedom. If you went for a hotel, you’d have to be in at a certain time, be out by a certain time, and it’s generally more expensive and you have to find it too.

Hiring a campervan means that wherever you are, you have access to your belongings, you can pull over and relax and eat when you want and so on. Driving a campervan in Belgium is pretty easy to do. The population of the country is low, and even driving around the cities isn’t difficult either. They are rarely very busy in comparison to cities like Paris or London.

A typical 4 or 5 day itinerary could include spending a day looking around Brussels. You have the magnificent Grand Plaza, the Manneken Pis, many museums, and even a house of comics. There are some great restaurants in Brussels, so make sure you get a chance to sample some great Belgian food.

Just to the south of Brussels is a famous village with nearby field. At this point in 1815, was where Napoleon met his Waterloo as British forces led by the Duke of Wellington finally put an end to his rule. There are many attractions surrounding the battlefield, including restaurants, thrift shops, museum and other associated ice cream stands.

No trip to Belgium is complete without a trip to the beautiful city of Bruges. Full of historic charm and enclosed by city walls and a canal, this city os a must see. Situated in the north of the country, you will experience street after street of centuries old houses and many chocolate shops.
In between seeing these important sites, chill out for a day or so in one of the numerous campsites scattered around the country. Enjoy the amenities and share experiences with other like minded people.

There is so much more to see in Belgium though, and you may wish to extend your holiday time. And that’s what’s so great with hiring your own campervan, you have so much flexibility and freedom to do what you want, when you want. Campervan hire Belgium offers one of the best ways to experience the country in its fullest.